All of this happened…

IMG_6955Hello Blogosphere!

Long time, no see. This is a run-down of everything that’s happened the past month and a half…

IMG_6933We packed up our entire house and geared up for a DITY (do-it-yourself) move from Washington to New Orleans, LA. CJ’s smiling because he didn’t have to do a 1/100th of the work Chris and myself had to do.

IMG_6913I said some sweet sad good-byes to my besties. Here’s a pic of us at our final Zumba Dance Party!

IMG_6984Then we hit the road. The LONG road traveling through Oregon, California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas.

IMG_6991We lost our beloved hamster, Rusty, to the cold…

IMG_7011Lilli table-danced in roadside hotels and I didn’t stop her. I was too tired.

IMG_7039After 7 days, we finally arrived to our new home!

_MG_8920NASJRB New Orleans is the smallest sleepiest base we’ve ever been to! It’s a nice change of pace.

IMG_7170The kids are enrolled in their new schools (daycare for Lilli)!

IMG_7182The hubs is getting used to the slower paced job at the MEPS station.

IMG_7224We have come to look forward to our ferry rides into town!

So, that’s my last month and half in-a-nutshell! How goes it in your neck of the woods!?

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  1. Shauna K
    January 3, 2014 at 17:23 (2 years ago)

    oh my goodness! We just LEFT LA in the past month! We were up in the center of absolutely nowhere, also known as Fort Polk. We are now at Fort Campbell and are loving being back in civilization. I’m a bit jealous you’re down in New Orleans- there’s so many beautiful plantations down there that we never got a chance to visit (hubby’s schedule was insane when we were in LA!). Enjoy the coast 😀


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